Ministry of Cannabis: Ideal Place for Acquiring High Quality Cannabis Seeds

Welcome to your Ministry of Cannabis where you'll get best quality cannabis in all type. We possess deep relationship with cannabis since many years. We possess approximately about 10 years of experience on this certain field. We have been associated with well-known seedbanks from the industry and our breeders are working for them with full dedication. All over globe we've got our possess production and test rooms in 3 different countries. Following employing quite a few years from the global market, Ministry of Cannabis have become reputable breeder of offering remarkable quality cannabis seeds (aka weed seeds or pot seeds).

Cannabis will not be new to individuals; everyone seems to be familiar together with the wonders of this effective cannabis seeds. These seeds are effective in catering various medicinal purposes. Therefore, we offer these impressive seeds in all type of strain to customers and satisfy their needs associated to cannabis. Now we have big selection of goods i.e. from feminized seeds to autoflowering seeds to big bud seeds. Our main objective would be to provide you merchandise of best quality as you deserve best only. Our customers are our most important assets and we do not want that our customers compromise in almost any way; hence we generate just about every product in incorporating best quality.

We've been selling the autoflowering seeds from 2008 in the two regular and feminized forms. We also give customer support against which we spend attention to every type of customers no matter if private or company, smaller or big. By investing difficult efforts now we have introduced new strains during the market which include Carnival and Zensation and we have been proud for this accomplishment. Tricky work and dedication of our breeders have presented big chain of potential customers and we hold on performing using this method making sure that an increasing number of customers can get qualitative cannabis and will satisfy their desires. 

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Ministry of Cannabis invites you to globe of Cannabis, where you will certainly get wide range of cannabis strains and these strains are abundant in quality and also preference. Cannabis seeds readily available at our store are most effective in all contexts. We have actually broken down our product into three main categories which are as follows:


Feminized cannabis seeds are altered genetically in order to generate female plants only. Basically, a cannabis seed will grow into a male or female plant; the whole procedure is dependent upon the X and Y chromosomes. A plant having two X chromosomes will be female 99.9 % of the moment, whereas a cannabis plant having X and Y chromosomes will certainly form right into a male plant.

Ministry of cannabis has actually managed to see to it that its female plants will certainly generate male flowers and for this, credit rating goes treatment making use of gibberellic acid and also colloidal silver, which transforms female plants into the hermaphrodites and makes it possible to generate seeds having female chromosomes only. Products readily available under this group are Big Bud XXL Feminized, Circus Feminized, Crystal Cloud Feminized, Early XXX Feminized, Hay-Z Feminized, Northern Lights Moc Feminized, Ultra White Amnesia Feminized, White Widow Feminized, and also Zensation Feminized.


Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the seeds that blossom individually within a time period of 2-4 weeks. In order to flower, the regular Indica and also Sativa varieties should be subjected to light for 12 hours straight right after the produce. They are not available to bloom in outdoors, since the daytime hours normally diminish during this period.

Autoflowering species such as Indica or Sativa plants crossbred with the Ruderalis, it is a kind of cannabis strain that expands in the areas where period of summertime needs however has lots of hours of daylight, i.e. from 22 to 24 daily. Ruderalis is familiar to flower by own in extremely short time period i.e. from 2 to 4 weeks. Products readily available under this group are Auto Blue Amnesia Feminized, Auto Blueberry Domina Feminized, Auto Cheese NL Feminized, Auto Mary Jane Feminized, Auto Silver Bullet Feminized, Auto White Widow Feminized, and Autopilot XXL Feminized.


We also availed mixed selection of seeds for our clients. These seeds are readily available only on our web site. Products offered under this are Autoflowering Mix, Autoflowering Mix 2, India Mix and Sativa Mix.